Why Us?
We Are Refreshingly Different

If we had to pick one very unique way we’re different we would say this: We’re easy. Not that kind of easy! Seriously, where’s your head at? No, we’re easy to be around, we’re easy to please and we’re easy on your budget. Some people call it laid back, some people call it chill. Whatever you decide to call it we make it our mission to not take ourselves too seriously. Nobody wants someone who makes their wedding harder,. From price to experience we work really, really hard to make it really, really easy.

We Are Pretty Awesome

We make pretty pictures and fantastic films (+2 points for alliteration). That’s what you’re looking for, right? We help you find the right collection, work with you to develop your timeline and show up on the wedding day locked and loaded for a lovely day. We'll process your final products while you can still remember that you had a wedding and we make the whole experience fun and simple! We’re not awesome because of bells and whistles, we’re awesome because we get what you want without making a huge fuss.

We Will Save You $$$

It’s no secret that photos and films are some of the most costly parts of a wedding. What couples love about what we do is our ability to keep the cost in the “actual person” range (as opposed to the “person whose invitations are made from diamonds, live animals and the nectar of a rare flower” range). Our team approach has completely changed the way we look at weddings. Photographers and filmmakers get to do what they were made to do: make pretty pictures and films. Then our super talented office staff makes things happen. Working together we make an amazing team who can work for a little less because we’re all getting to do what we love.