Meet Our Team

"I’m Russian! Like, for real. Let’s go ahead and get it out of the way—yes I am in the mafia, yes I love Vodka, and yes I am a secret spy. Questions answered? Good."

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"Love my babies! I've got 4. Yes, yes, we know how that works...what can I say? We're busy. Sometimes I can even remember all their names."


"Sing me a song by Justin Timberlake, and I’ll stop what I’m doing. But don’t sing it badly because that would just be embarrassing for both of us. If we’re being honest, it’s way worse to be the person being sung to when it goes wrong."

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"I hate having my picture taken. When I was told I had to do this I cried for an front of everyone. Awkward. Nevertheless, I will make you a darn pretty film!"


"Music on vinyl, a little girl named Iris, and the perfect sip of coffee. These are a few of my favorite things. Also, movies. And cheap good food. And canoes. And books. Ok, maybe more than a few."

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"Do you have a minute? Ok. Good. Just wait right there while I knit you a scarf. Or a hat. Or a sweater. Literally anything knit-able I can knit it."

Our Approach

What's the greatest gift you can give any artist? The space to create art. We love this job because every day is is filled with one simple challenge: make pretty things. We also have an amazing team of office peeps that do the things we artists hate (make timelines, answer emails, sit in front of a computer, and on and on). That makes us happy... and when we're happy you get amazing pictures and films as a result!