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  1. What Should I Wear for My Engagement Session?

    You just got engaged…Congrats!!! Once you’ve landed on your venue and started shopping for wedding photographers you’ll start thinking about your engagement session. What’s the most asked question we get asked in our consults? “WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO MY ENGAGEMENT SESSION?” Picking out clothes for photo session has to be one of the most stressful decisions since you decided where to go to college.

    So we’re here to help. Below you’ll find some quick and easy tips when you’re ready to start shopping. Enjoy!

    Rule #1: GO SHOPPING It’s not a necessity but there is something about new clothes that makes you feel extra awesome so we always encourage people to if they can. Let’s be honest, you were out the door as soon as you read the first sentence, right?

    Rule #2: Be yourself with a little extra pop. Shop in the style you normally shop but get something that is a notch above how you would look for a Friday night date. Most girls do one outfit that is casual (jeans, sweater, etc.) and one really great dress. The basic idea is to just think intentionally about your clothes and what accessories look good with them. You have good fashion sense, just trust it.


  2. For Photo-ers: Making Pretty “Getting Ready” Pictures

    When we first started photographing wedding we wondered how those famous photographers got gorgeous pictures of their clients getting ready on their wedding day. All the shots seemed to be so in the moment but also so beautifully lit. When we walked into a hotel room, church basement or (gasp!) grandma’s living room we weren’t achieving the same results. Was it the location? Or the subjects? Sometimes. However, often times there were a few little steps to take to get similar results.

    Here is our approach to taking amazing Getting Ready pictures…

    1. Show up early. Standard start time for us is 1 hour before the bride is in her dress/ groom is in his suit. “Start time” is when we tell clients we’ll arrive. We actually show up 30 minutes prior to start time to park and do a little bit of scouting before we walk into the room. Then with any extra minutes we get to know the people in the room. The trick here is to leave the camera in the bag and introduce yourself around. This will clue you in to which people are super important when it comes time to document the emotional last moments of getting ready.

    2. Let the light in. It’s no secret that lots of light makes for beautiful photographs. You don’t just have to accept that dark getting ready room as is. Ask if anyone minds if you open the curtains/blinds/whatever else is blocking the light. In 5 years of weddings I have never had a bridal party say no. Another trick is to turn off any light sources you don’t want casting a weird color (i.e. room lights, lamps, mirror lights). Just ask first, but most of the time no one cares. Natural light makes all the difference in a great picture so do whatever you can to introduce it to a scene without having to use a flash.